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Corporate Transparency Act

Beneficial Ownership ​Information (BOI) ​Reporting

BOI reporting solution for busy ​entrepreneurs managing multiple

entities and partnerships.

Our Mission

Facilitate Efficient BOI Reporting Compliance

We understand the importance of meeting reporting obligations with ease, which is why we offer a ​secure, technology-driven solution designed to streamline the process and provide a step-by-step ​workflow.

We believe that compliance should not be a burden for business owners, and that is why we aim to ​make the process as seamless as possible. Our solution is user-friendly and efficient, allowing you ​to complete your reporting obligations with just a few clicks.

We understand that navigating the complexities of regulations can be daunting, which is why we ​provide expert guidance and support to help you navigate the complexities of interpreting and ​implementing this new filing requirement with confidence.

Our mission is to empower business owners by providing them with tools, knowledge and resources ​to collaborate effectively with their team and to maintain hassle-free compliance.

Our Process

Step 1


platform ​registration

Step 2

Provide ​information in ​step-by-step ​workflow

Step 3

Review, ​approval and ​filing

Step 4

Receive proof ​of initial filing ​and ongoing ​support.

Platform Features:

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Safe online data collection and filing

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Streamline reporting with centralized data storage

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Simple workflow with clear step-by-step guidance

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Alerts and reminders for continuous compliance

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Support for filing initial, updated, and corrected reports

Our Services

Beneficial ownership interest reporting

  • Access to secure, online platform, with user-friendly dashboard to monitor report status.
  • Ability to track reports for multiple companies from the same dashboard.
  • Workflow with step-by-step instructions to make reporting process more efficient.
  • Collaborate with multiple beneficial owners, so that each can provide information themselves.
  • Automated reminders to ensure that your reports stay on track.
  • Submission of your BOI report to FinCEN through the platform.
  • Confirmation of successful filing to FinCEN.
  • Annual fee include ongoing access to platform, alerts and reminders to ensure ongoing ​compliance, and up to 4 initial, updates and corrected reports.

Filing starts a $149 per entity

Meet Our Founder

Jennifer, a CPA, business owner, real estate fund manager and investor, has an ​extensive background in accounting and compliance services, with over 20 ​years of experience in audit, financial reporting, and corporate accounting.

With firsthand knowledge of the hurdles faced by small businesses, she ​established Easy BOI Reporting to address the need for a streamlined ​reporting solution.

Jennifer is thrilled to collaborate with FincenFetch to offer an automated BOI ​report filing system aligns perfectly with her mission to empower ​entrepreneurs and small ​businesses.

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Jennifer Semien, CPA


Frequently Asked Questions

What is BOI Reporting?

Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) ​Reporting is a requirement under the ​Corporate Transparency Act that ​mandates certain businesses to report ​the personal details of their beneficial ​owners to the Financial Crimes ​Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Its ​purpose is to combat money laundering ​and financial crimes by increasing ​transparency in business ownership.

Who needs to file a BOI ​report?

Most corporations, LLCs, and other ​entities created by filing with a state or ​tribal office in the U.S. need to file a BOI ​report. There are specific exemptions, ​such as publicly traded companies, ​certain regulated entities, and ​companies that meet specific size and ​operational criteria.

What information is ​required for BOI ​Reporting?

You'll need to provide details about the ​beneficial owners of your company, ​including their name, date of birth, ​address, and an identification number ​(from a passport, driver’s license, or ​other government-issued ID). If ​applicable, a FinCEN ID can also be used.


Frequently Asked Questions

When are BOI reports due?

The deadlines depend on when your ​entity was created or registered. ​Generally, entities formed or registered ​before January 1, 2024, have until ​January 1, 2025, to file. New entities have ​specific deadlines based on their ​formation date. We can help you ​determine and meet your specific ​deadline.

What is a FinCEN ID, and do I ​need one?

A FinCEN ID is a unique identifier issued ​by FinCEN to individuals or entities, ​allowing them to use this ID instead of ​personal information for BOI reporting. ​It's not mandatory but can simplify the ​reporting process and enhance privacy.

What happens if I don’t comply ​with BOI Reporting ​requirements?

Failure to comply can result in civil and ​criminal penalties, including fines and ​imprisonment. It’s crucial to ensure ​timely and accurate reporting to avoid ​such consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of ​filing with Easy BOI Reporting?

We offer a streamlined platform that ​simplifies the filing process, ensuring ​compliance with FinCEN’s regulations. ​Our services include report preparation ​workflow, filing submission with FinCEN, ​and ongoing compliance reminders. ​Members maintain continued access to ​the platform, allowing for filing of easy ​updates or corrections when necessary.

Can I file with Easy BOI ​Reporting if I own multiple ​companies?

Yes! Our platform is designed to ​efficiently manage BOI reporting for ​business owners with multiple entities. ​We offer tools and services tailored to ​streamline the filing process across your ​entire portfolio.

Is my information secure with ​Easy BOI Reporting?

Absolutely. We prioritize the security of ​your data using industry-standard ​encryption and secure protocols to ​protect sensitive information throughout ​the reporting process.